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Letter from America: Is a second Clinton Watergate looming in the United States?


The famous Watergate break-in by President Richard Nixon into Democratic Party Head Office in 1972 shaped US politics for the next 50 years.

Nixon, fearing a rebound by his opponent, in October 1972, sought desperately to find fault with his opponent. He authorised shadowy characters to break into the Democratic head office and steal information.

It took three years of investigations to get Nixon to confess, resign and leave office. It is the year that I arrived in the US and the memory is still sharp.

Hillary Clinton similarities

There is something called the Bill and Hillary Clinton machine. Ms Hillary is regarded as the Lady MacBeth behind the machine.

On October 3, 2016, Hillary sought to strike a fatal blow on the Donald Trump campaign by releasing an audio in which Trump used foul language about “groping women’s private parts.”

Coming from Ms Hillary, whose husband had to fight accusations by 13 women, one of them ending in an out-of-court settlement and being barred from practicing law, voters remained unconvinced. It was a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Her internal polls showed she was losing to a psychopathic neanderthal business tycoon from New York.

A desperate plan

Please remember that the Democrats are the “brainy” party, and the Republicans are the “stupid” party.

With less than 30 days to go, Hillary had to think of a final blow, or the psychopath would win the race. With the aid of her cyber security attorney Michael Sussmann, they concocted the great Russian lie. Trump was a Russian troll.

According to a report by US Attorney John Durham, released this week, and seen by all the major news organisations, Ms Hillary and her shadowy cyber security attorney, Michael Sussmann provided information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, senior attorney, James Baker.

This is juicy. Sussmann “provided information about data that he said showed a strange link between the Trump Organisation and Russia’s Alpha Bank.

Two things could likely happen. If Trump was a Russian spy, he could be arrested and barred from running for office in the middle of an election. Secondly, if the information was correct, and Trump was inaugurated, FBI agents could storm the White House, handcuff the spy, and throw him in federal prison until tried. There is no bail for spies.

Americans live their lives the same way they see in the movies.

The aim was obvious. Trump must be stopped.

And who is the main star witness in this dastardly affair?

It was Ms Hillary who was Trump’s opponent in the election. For the next three years, the Hillary team expected Trump to be quartered and thrown out of the White House for spying for Russia.

Please do not laugh.

Since the Hillary-Bill Clinton machine had been in politics for 40 years, they had virtually captured the institutions of state, especially the FBI and the Central Intelligence Organisation.

Even after Trump was elected, (February 2016) Sussmann did not give up. He employed another shadowy figure, Robert “Joffe” who had a cyber security contract with the US government to feed information.

The matter, just as the Watergate affair becomes more bizarre.

We are not sure whether Joffe or Sussmann cooked up “stuff”. But the report says that Sussmann once more engaged the Central Intelligence Agency. “Trump and or his associates may have been using supposedly rare, Russian made wireless phones in the vicinity of the White House and other locations.” He reported.

Now wait for this. The US Congress spent 22 months investigating Trump, appointed a special counsel, Robert Mueller, spent US$40 million and found nothing.

All this was being cooked up by Hillary and Sussmann.

The shoe is now on the other foot.

Durham was appointed to investigate the predator, Sussmann. The case is that since Joffe had a contract with the US government, by reporting to Sussmann, a serious crime (likely espionage, punishable by hanging by the neck until dead) had been committed.

Sussmann was asked to reveal his principal. The report says that “Sussmann is alleged to have lied to the FBI attorney James Baker by saying that he was not passing information on behalf of any specific client.”

The scoundrel knows, and I know, and Durham knows that he was a Hillary cutthroat skull drudgery apparatchik. These Americans have strange laws.

I have been asked many times why, since attorneys are paid to calibrate information (lying by a polite name) practicing this art to the FBI is a crime.

The US government, in its wisdom, expected its citizens not to fear the truth and not to waste “official time” by misinformation.

Democrats’ reaction

I have already indicated that the institutions of state have been captured by the Clinton machine. This includes the print and television media.

When confronted with the Durham report, detailing how the Clinton machine, through its cutthroat attorney Sussmann spied on the Trump government, disseminating misinformation in the hope of getting Trump arrested and removed from office, the mighty New York Times says that the information is dense and undecipherable.

The MSNBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) anchorman Joe Scarborough says he cannot comprehend the report. “There are no dates to the crimes committed allegedly committed by Sussmann.”

The dates are meticulously detailed. That is how we know that the Hillary machine continued to spy on Trump after the election and inauguration, February 23, 2016.

Sussmann, an experienced dog fighter has accused Durham of “politicizing the issue.” The Democrats have already chimed in. “You don’t want people to be afraid of reporting if they saw a Russian spy.”

The issue is that there were no Russian spies and no Russian made cell phones and that Trump never received any money from Alpha Bank of Russia. All that was made up.

“This is not the first time…that Special Counsel has sought to include allegations about uncharged conduct” and doing so “using inflammatory and prejudicial rhetoric.”

This is the mother of all defenses. Democrats are saying that the 27-page indictment by Durham is cooking up a “conspiracy, involving the Clinton Campaign and Mr. Sussmann to defraud the FBI.”

The accused, Sussmann, is asking the Judge to send Durham packing and leave the “innocent Sussmann” alone.

If there is any of our readers who believes that Sussmann or Ms Hillary will sleep in a jailhouse, I have a goat for him.

  • Ken Mufuka writes from the United States. He serves on various committees of the United Methodist Church. His books can be found at kenmufukabooks.com

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