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Redcliff rapper releases EP

By Alfred Tembo

Redcliff-based rapper, R Wiz, born Davidson McAllister Kombora, has broken his long established tradition of producing singles, an expressive act, he discribed as “a response to change times in the music world”.

R Wiz broke into the music space with the single Ndini in 2017, a chat-topping hit that took the gospel music lovers by suprised.

Inspired to maintain momentum the former Boyz RepaCut lead vocalist took to the studio the same year and released the single Presence and Tokutendai Baba (2018), Daira (2019), Dai Maizvigona (2019) and Sando Kuna Jesu, released last year.

Ghetto Gospel is his latest extended play (EP) carrying six tracks.

“The motive is to communicate suppressed, but prevailing emotions in everyone in the circumstance of a young generation trying to make it, no matter how much you have tried to qualify yourself, the environment is resisting your growth,” R Wiz said.

“The EP is meant to give hope for an expected outcome for everybody focussed and and faithful enough.”

He said his music genre has a purpose soul and heart that starts and ends with the creator.

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