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Local play gets recognition in Canada


A former Amakhosi Theatre protégé, playwright and director Thembelihle Moyo is over the moon after her play titled I Want To Fly got a reading at Canada’s Black Month History recently.

I Want To Fly tells the story of an African girl who wants to be a pilot.

It looks at how a patriarchal society shapes the thinking of men regarding lobola (bride price) and how women endure abusive relationships.

“This production was done in 2011 and it was premiered at Amakhosi Theatre Arts,” Moyo said.

“Over the years, the play got published in Methuen Publishers in Britain.

“It is a big production house worldwide, then from there, the play was also shortlisted for the prestigious CASA award.

“Recently the play was featured in Canada’s Black Month history, the cast were all Canadians.”

It was directed by Bongani Musa.

“In February people in Canada celebrated black month history and my play was chosen to feature as it has themes which appeal to what most Africans are going through and how hard it is to get educated as a black young woman in Africa,” Moyo said.

“I am so happy and feel honored about this.”

She said she got the inspiration of the productionfrom the experiences of teaching in rural areas.

“A lot of young girls dropped out of school due to lack of support and harsh economical hardships forcing them into early marriages,” Moyo said.

“I wrote this play to encourage ambitious young people.

“I feel the future is looking good for the production as it was published under Methuen drama and has been used in schools and colleges in the United Kingdom and Asia.”

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