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Eduitainment mix: In the art of ubuntu/unhu

By Raymond Millarge Langa

The essence of African culture is driven by the quest for the manifestation of peace, love and harmony within the community. The principle of ubuntu/unhu, which plays a very critical role in the enhancement of development in its different sectors is focused on individual and also community capacitance. Artists have the responsibility of being the flag bearers of ubuntu as they are the conscience of the society.

The artist is the moral compass who has the duty of showing the society the path that leads to the synergies of positivity and growth. For the artist the “ubuntu” challenge starts from them disseminating information through art, on ubuntuism. This is manifest in how ubuntu is practicalised through behaving well towards others or acting in ways that benefit the community.

Such acts could be as simple as helping those in need or much more complex ways of relating with others.  These have to be done by the artist not as a publicity stunt for social media likes, but in the spirit of ubuntuism. An artist or a person who behaves in these ways has ubuntu. He or she is a full person as they understand the value of their creative prowess and also influence in instigating individual and community development.

For some, ubuntuism is something akin to a soul force — an actual metaphysical connection shared between people, and which helps us connect to each other. Ubuntu will push one toward selfless acts. These selfless acts, thus also play a role in influencing the soul of the artistic piece. Embracing the principle of ubuntu/unhu also helps the artist develop a deeper identity, which reflects in their art works. The art of ubuntu, thus, is a reflection of the soul which is central to the creative influence of any artist in the globe.

The art of ubuntu speaks of the ethics of a society that engrave the guiding principles about what is right or wrong, what is a good or bad in character; it is also embedded in the conceptions of satisfactory social relations and attitudes held by the members of the society. For the creatives, it is embedded furthermore in the need to teach, especially the youth, on the forms or patterns of behaviour that are considered by the members of the society to bring about social harmony and cooperative living, justice, and fairness.

Artists have to teach the youth on the importance of respect to the elders, importance of education, to desist from violence and in the process, to also put an emphasis on the need for them to abstain from drug use and abuse which correlates to the rise of teenage pregnancies and the spread of HIV and Aids.

The artist has to be the advocate of ubuntuism, which is a principle that can also contribute to the manifestation of development. Many of the youth are continually losing their sense of identity and ubuntu because of the influence of external forces that play a role in the dilution of their cultures.

The artist, thus, has to play a role in the revival of the “ubuntuism” identity to all.  Ubuntu means the eradication of all forms of hatred, and it embodies the recognition of each and every human being as equal regardless of their race, ethnicity or social status.

One of the values of ubuntu/unhu means that there is the need for the promotion of peace, especially as we are drawing close to general elections. Peace means stability and stability means development. The artist thus is an instrument of the promotion of peace.  He/she is the one who fosters the need for unity and love which are the instigators of the development processes. One of the most critical factors of development in the world at this time we are also witnessing a crisis escalating in the Ukraine means that there is the need for everyone in the world to be conscientised on the importance of peace building as the stepping stone for prosperity.

Currently the world is facing a Russo-Ukraine war crisis within a pandemic (Covid-19) and countries in the periphery are becoming more affected as this is also leading to an economic crisis. It is in this light that the artists have to unite in one voice and call for the prevalence of world peace.

Development is what the people within the community and vast expanse of the globe need. Embracing the art of ubuntu/unhu remains something that needs to be practicalised by all and remains the greatest global challenge that can instigate the prevalence of peace, which in turn means development and fewer crises.

  • Raymond Millagre Langa is a musician, orator, writer and the founder of Indebo Edutainment Trust.  Email and Follow Raymond Millagre Langa on Facebook #Millagre Ray L

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