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Out & about: Tyler Page tops pop charts

We worked so hard on the production of this song and it gives me so much joy to know it has been well received, says dynamic South African alt-pop singer Tyler Page,  not missing a single thought as she scintillates her sentiment on the onward motion and good fortune being heralded by the prospect of her crunchy musical composition titled WAGMI — a code for “We Are All Gonna Make It”. Dropped over three weeks ago, the track, which is about a holiday romance that has the potential to become something much more  — believing and hoping that this love will survive once the holiday is over — yet again stormed its way up on the 5FM Charts, securing pole position.

Copiously pushing herself to go beyond the tip of a portentous roaring vocation, Page earned her big break in 2020 through her distinct vocal and ukulele covers which she perpetually posted via the internet.

Before long she had inked her first recording deal with — Bad Future — an alt-pop record label, and dropped her dreamlike debut song titled Don’t Believe The Aliens, which was followed by the release of Kill All The Heroes  — her second piece of music.

Thought-provokingly keeping her vocals on the pulse of the algorithm singing with so much control, the highlight of Page’s songs include scoring umpteen playlist inclusions on numerous media platforms within and beyond Africa, as well as mounting to Number 2 on South Africa’s radio station, 5FM’s Indie Charts.

With a tone which has a heart to it, great pitch, on point harmony and a voice that sounds versatile — it took Warner Music South Africa’s creative lead Garth Brown under a minute to know that signing Page was a necessity. Enticed by the “Capetonian” teenager’s gift, the global record label which is an affiliate of Warner Music Group — an American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate which is a division of the American film studio Warner Bros — officially welcomed Page late last year.

Outlined by leisurely yet heroic melodies, the alt-pop artist bravely began working on her first major label single — WAGMI — an up-to-the-minute piece of music which she eventually presented early this month.

On the catchy pop record which is a parting to the summer, the 19-year-old songstress has a voice that is ripe but still incarnates a coltish youthfulness that captures the spirit behind this track.

Conjugated to slingshot her omnipotent sound and irrefutable natural endowment to international bird’s-eye status, Page continues to hold steady on the weekly charts of 5FM — a South African radio station that follows a Top 40 music format and is owned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation, the public broadcaster. While her unique selling point is ascribed from her ability to tell pertinent stories — hitting big notes that fly up the room in a broad assortment of a diagnostic blistery communicative style — she respectively placed two positions on the latter radio station’s Night Pop Chart. Page’s other piece of music Teenage Werewolf, which previously peaked at number 1 set on number 9, respectively.

The South African musician’s fresh-cut release (WAGMI), which has been resonating with audiences, stormed its way up locking down the top spot.

As her incredible journey continues to garner media interest from all quarters, the alt-pop gem self-confessed the recent acquisition, admitting that she is blown away by the out-and-out progress.

“We are already working on shooting the visuals of the song WAGMI (We Are All Gonna Make It) in Cape Town and I couldn’t be more excited,” Page said.

Fondly inspiring masses through expressive euphony with the world on her doorstep, Page becomes the first pop artist in South Africa with two songs on the 5FM Top 10 Nightly Chart in the year 2022.

On her way to establish her career as one of the greatest, it will long linger in her thoughts that she never felt threatened by the benchmark instilled in her trajectory to the top.

  • Grant Moyo is a prolific writer, innovative media personality, entrepreneur and a creative artist who is passionate about using his creative mind for the betterment of society. Follow him on Twitter: @TotemGrant

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