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R Wiz strives to put Midlands hip-hop on spotlight

By Alfred Tembo

MUSIC heals and unifies people of diverging views, says award-winning gospel rapper, Davidson McAllister Kombora, aka R Wiz as he vowed to use hip-hop to bring Midlands province on the spotlight.

The Redcliff-based artiste said through music collaborations, there is a great hope of also unifying the industry in the Midlands province for the benefit of every player, especially artistes and content creators.

“As artistes, we need to understand our capabilities and intelligently use music to bring together content creators, designers, and producers with hope of building our province,” said R Wiz.

Young as he is in the cut-throat industry, R Wiz is planning to venture into a philanthropic project to help improve the industry and and groom other musicians.

“I am burning with the desire to contribute to the growth of music in the Midlands province,” he said.

“It is in my interest to play my role and contribute a part just like Dhewa, Gift Amuli, Bob Nyabinde and Zig Zang Band, among others in their respective genres.”

R Wiz broke into the music space with project titled Ndini released in 2017 followed by another one titled Presence in the same year.

To weld his presence on the music scene,  in 2018 his did another album titled Tokutendai Baba, which was followed by Daira (2019), Dai Maizvigona (2019) and Sando Kuna Jesu (2021) and the latest Ghetto Gospel.

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