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Upcoming actor dares film industry players


HARARE-BASED upcoming actor Takunda Claude Nyakauru, who is also known as Jedza,  says the local film industry has the potential to go far if actors and directors put their egos aside and form a united front.

Nyakauru, who featured in a film titled Pipeline as Boston alongside musician Pamhidzai Tracy Mbirimi, aka Pachihera, said actors and directors have egos, which are affecting the film industry in Zimbabwe to boost.

“The problem with actors nowadays is that we underestimate each other,” Nyakauru said.

“For example, if you go to another production team they will be underestimating you because you are from another production team.

“Actors also have egos, for example one might say I am better than the other and this may cause conflicts in shooting films in our industry.”

Nyakauru believes if actors and directors form a united front and put their egos aside the filming industry would be successful.

“I believe if actors and film directors unite and put their egos aside without nepotism or looking for one’s financial backgrounds and work with raw talent the film industry in our country may go far,” he said.

“We have good actors and good locations to shoot our films but egos and sabotage are affecting our filming industry.”

Nyakauru said the poor performance of the economy was taking a toll on the film industry.

“We are struggling to meet the transport costs and even to buy food for our actors and actresses, among others involved in film production,” he said.

“If promoters and the corporate world intervene our film industry could be boosted and reach greater heights.”

Nyakauru said he has a lot of projects coming up this year.

“I started acting in 2017 and my first drama was titled Gasterforest,” he said.

“This year l will be working on a number of projects with Pachihera, starting with Pipeline a feature film directed by Melgin Tafirenyika which premiered on Good Friday.”

He said a project titled Prayers was on the cards and so is a telenovela set to be filmed in August titled Checkmate.

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