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Letter to my people: The new criminals surrounding the president


My Dear People

One useful barometer you can use to check the health of our country’s economy is the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), which ended in Bulawayo yesterday.

This year’s annual trade exhibition attracted 514 exhibitors and 14 countries, a feat some of your wannabe economists say is an indicator that it was a huge success.

Yet a closer look at the quality of the exhibits and organisations that stood out will show you how fast we are sinking as a country under the Lacoste gangsters.

For a perspective, let us look at some of the entities that won awards on Friday for having the best exhibitions during ZITF.

We had the Ministry of Defence winning the non-industrial, non-commercial category.

The less said about this the better lest I am accused of being bitter, kkkkkk.

But wait for this one…..Zanu PF walked away as the winner in the small to medium enterprises category!

The party that Gushungo formed in 1963 and had an array of companies that used to be a force in Zimbabwe’s economy considers itself a “small to medium enterprise”, kkkkk.

Maybe the naughty judges were on to something.

Remember this is a party that inherited one of the strongest economies in Africa even as it emerged from a brutal war and international isolation, but they have turned it into a basket case in their 42 ruinous years in power.

We also had some outfit called MenBelievED winning the first time exhibitor category.

Basically, it tells you that the coup gang’s main occupation is political power and they have no clue when it comes to the economy.

The ZITF was a perfect opportunity for them to show the world what they have done since grabbing power from Gushungo to revive the economy, but they fumbled it.

Horrid’s Page 2 girl also took her theatrics to the fair and she did not disappoint.

We were told by the usual suspects that her “magnificent and well-stocked kitchen” had “taken the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair by storm”.


If anything it was a show of lack of class by the new occupants of that once respectable residence at Chancellor Avenue. 

Shameless looters

The Lacoste gangsters have become so brazen in their looting they now do it while providing running commentary.

A Zanu PF youth league thug by the name Taurai Kundishaya has been all over Twitter threatening to seize anti-corruption campaigner Hopewell Chin’ono’s goats claiming they belong to a government scheme.

A picture of the loser posing with Ngwena has been circulating on social media and the government’s silence on the matter implies that they condone his activities.

The threats cannot be taken likely given what some of these criminal gangs that align themselves with Zanu PF have done in the past to deprive citizens of their property.

What is more scandalous is that no one in the so-called new dispensation sees anything wrong with the name of the president being dragged into such a scandal.

Ngwena himself seems to be happy posing for pictures with people of questionable character such as Kundishaya or it’s a case of birds of the same feather flocking together.

Do you still remember the Coup DJ telling you that army tanks had been rolled to the streets to account for criminals that were surrounding Gushungo?

Were the tanks being rolled to open space for the likes of Kundishaya and Passion Java to thrive? Munopengaaaa!

Sad day

Today Zimbabweans will join the rest of the world in celebrating Workers’ Day,  but it will be a time for mourning for the few lucky ones that still have jobs in this country.

Things were tough during Gushungo’s days, but when they chased him out of town in 2017 you could buy bread for less than US$1.

The least paid civil servant was getting more than US$500 a month and that amount has been reduced to less than $50 on the ruling parallel foreign currency parallel markets.

Unlike Gushungo, Ngwena does not seem to be moved by the plight of civil servants who are now classified among the country’s poorest if we are to use the poverty datum line as a yardstick.

Those that are employed in the private sector are not faring any better as companies struggle in the face of the collapsing Zimbabwe dollar.

I am not claiming to be a prophet like those charlatans that take turns to kneel in front of the crocodile, but I can tell you that things will only get worse.

Ngwena and his gang from the special class have absolutely no clue what to do with a tanking economy.

This is why you keep hearing them blaming saboteurs that they will never mention by name.

Mthuli was even blaming Putin’s war for our economic woes and he expected us to take him seriously!

The chickens are coming home to roost for the power usurpers.

And there would be gnashing of teeth come 2023.


Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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