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Gweru beekeeper turns to honey skincare products

By Alfred Tembo
Glamour and beauty are desired by everyone and to a stunning woman, it’s more than a source of confidence.

With the introduction of Beeswax Honey Butter Cream, it opens up an opportunity for Zimbabwean beauty space to a more eco-friendly skin care solution.

Inspired into beekeeping by her father, Hive Treasures founder and creative director Rugare Marufu (pictured) told Standard Style that the interest to create the skin care line was influenced by the desire to cut costs of a healthy local and international quality product.

“My father is a beekeeper by default, but of course its God’s plan,” Marufu said.

“I got passionate about the art and decided to commercialise it.

“I increased the number of bee hives and did an extensive research to also solve my skin problem.”

The Gweru-based nature and enviromental entrepreneur revealed that the skin care was additional procduct to her existing list of products and services .

“We mainly deal in honey as a primary product. The final products we have are smartly packaged and clearly labelled ready for local and international market,” Marufu said.

She said by nature, the African continent was gifted and has rich valuable floral plants of medicinal value that are beneficiary to humans when processed into honey.

“African honey is on demand world over due to its medicinal properties,” Marufu said.

“When we look at honey value added products from other countries they come at a cost yet they do not have what it takes when compared to our honey.

“That development inspired me to explore more into the opportunities associated with beekeeping and started manufacturing the Beeswax Honey Butter Cream.”

Beeswax is an extract from honey.

A very good moisturiser for dry skin with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or excessive dry skin.

And oftenly used with scarring, balances the skin pH and has antifungal properties.

“Our local honey is used to heal people with allergies,” Marufu said.

“Unfortunately, an increase in the number of people selling adulterated honey on the market has serious consequences on people’s health.”

Meanwhile, with nearly 100 colonised beehives to her name, Marufu said Hive Treasures provides various services from honey production, value addition, equipment sales, consultancy and support.

Marufu, who is currently conducting a programme dubbed Hello Zimbabwe national beekeeping training tour, believes that the services she is offering are crucial in growing the industry more, especially in the Midlands province where the art is less practised.

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