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Chinembiri revives spirit of Chigiyo music

By Alfred Tembo
Principles of Chigiyo musical genre are hidden in creativity and wisdom of composers over everything else associated with richness of Shona myths, says the Mighty Hands band leader, Phillip Chinembiri (pictured).

A second generation Chigiyo music custodian whose traceable record points back to the treasured days when Zig Zag Band was at its peak in the late 1980s, Chinembiri regards the genre as home-grown reggae.

Speaking to Standard Style after the release of his new album titled Chakafukidza Dzimba Matenga recently, Chinembiri said the songs were composed between 1990 and 2000, but unfortunately they had not been recorded.

He said the songs are still relevant and  answers to many concerns affecting the “Y2K” generation.

“Music matures with time like old wine,” he said.

“And with the right set of skills from composition to instruments all will be wonders.

“God has his place in all our exploits as much as he makes sure that whenever we make use of our talents he prospers us accordingly.

“There is more to music, lots of lessons especially for the new generation. They should learn from music without questioning the timelines associated with messages.”

He attributed  the success of his musical company to the ability of embracing key components of a professional arts administration which has enabled them to remain in existence.

“Chigiyo is our home-grown reggae,” he said.

As one of the oldest serving bands in the country, Chinembiri has led and shared the stage with numerous artistes such as Alick Macheso, Nicholas Zakaria, the late Pio Farai Macheka and Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo.

The professional electrician boasts of a rich musical catalogue that includes albums such as Ndabaiwa (2000), Chihwande Hwande (2004), Charika Mutanda (2006) and Pachipamwe (2021).

Chakafukidza Dzimba Matenga is his latest offering.

His backing group, the Mighty Hands band is made up seasoned guitarist Manase Masvosve, Josiah “Papelo” Chigumba, (lead rhythm guitarist), Itai Joshua (rhythm guitarist), Shupika Joshua (basist), Garikayi Ncube (drummer), Lucky Mupaga (dancer), Collen Ruzoka (dancer), Alick Chikumba and Simon Gomo (dancer).

Chakafukidza Dzimba Matenga carries hits such as Dzinza Ravo, Tanda Matiya, Maroora Roora, Barika and Zviito Zvako.

Born in 1968 in Nembudziya (Gokwe), Chinembiri hails from Chirumanzu, home to the late legend Leonard “Musoro weNyoka” Dembo.

Chinembiri lives in Gweru.

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