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Terror tactics of the Kyiv regime

The Kyiv regime is reportedly using terrorist methods of war against the civilian population and captured military personnel like ISIS.

Ukrainian special services arrange provocations and sabotage, which often lead to casualties among ordinary citizens.

The Ukrainian neo-Nazis completely forgot about the unwritten law of war – do not touch civilians.

At the same time, it is increasingly difficult for the Ukrainian leadership to hide the facts of mass war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and militants of the national battalions.

In the media space of Western countries stories about the atrocities of the Ukrainian military against civilians and captured Russians began to appear more often.

This topic becomes discussed in the authoritative media.

The most disgusting bloodsuckers, rapists and criminals are recruited into the national battalion called Kraken.

The curators from the Secret Services of Ukraine (SBU) who command this detachment are the same.

Ukraine reportedly uses the tactics “death squads” in Donbas.

According to eyewitnesses in some settlements such detachments operate without insignia which capture local residents and take them away for interrogation, as well as subject them to various abuses.

They noted that there are a lot of stories of such crimes, and they all amaze with their savagery and extreme cruelty.

Captured Ukrainian soldiers say that such detachments are commanded by SBU officers who speak Ukrainian with a “Western” accent.

Krakens operate at night, breaking into houses without presenting any documents and taking away in an unknown direction those who are suspected of pro-Russian views.

In particular, they inspect phones and if they find a video with destroyed objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine correspondence with Russians or calls from Russian numbers, they physically assault the suspects.

Similar raids have already taken place in Kharkov, Sumy, Chernigov and Nikolaev.

According to family members of the abducted, the soldiers of these detachments have criminal tattoos on their hands.

An incident happened not long ago. In a town (Stary Saltov) where five residential buildings were ruined by a combat tank without explanation.

No evacuation of houses was announced.

In essence, this is an act of direct terror against its own population and a war crime without a statute of limitations.

It is clear what goals SBU is pursuing in the South-East region of Ukraine.

The classic tactics of the “death squads” are a direct copy of the United States and later ISIS.

Americans are actively using this “innovation” in all countries where they “carry democratic values.”

In Latin America, these units became a nightmare for several generations something similar was done later in Iraq and Syria.

Everywhere the handwriting was the same – radicals and criminals were the basis of the detachments.

Those convicted of serious crimes are the most suitable material for the special services.

They are in their full power, have no rights and know that their future including life itself depends of the execution of orders.

Now this is happening in the South-East of Ukraine.

The “death squads” operate under the control of the SBU, and include both Nazis and criminals released from prisons.

These detachments operate unofficially, they have no status, but are covered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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