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5Nazh release ‘The Peasant’s San’

FOLLOWING the release of his second single, Dai So under Uncle Rhymes Records  Lincoln The Prezh, also known as 5Nazh is set to release a mixtape dubbed The Peasants San.

The mixtape will be out on August 26.

The 12-track project is inspired by his life experiences and where he is headed as an artist and man.

The Peasant’s San is an expression of my background as the son of blue collar Zimbabwean  worker. San, I chose to use this instead of son to further illustrate my roots as a native of Sub Saharan Africa the San people.

The project speaks on the life of Young Lincoln’s journey into realising the power within his self to transform his state as the peasants San into his aspired role as president. Its a journey of understanding the world and discovering self,” he said.

Commenting on calling himself president, 5 Nazh said:

“It represents the highest form of office, a leader  who only  answers to his electorate. Which speaks of my ambition and sense of duty to every listener. The concept behind is preside over your state of mind,” he said.

“It basically took more time since it wasn’t intentional, at first I was just  zoning out vibing to  music.  The recording process was done sporadically in a short time but we then took time to curate the effort. My hardest struggle was not always finding the right people to work with  because there are not a lot of producers locally with a rich jazz background that merges with my preferred taste  and the compromise at times is disastrous. For the production, I had to rely on fellow upcoming producers  in my circles  like  Robert Mboko, Kevin Munetsi and Jay Galactik,” he said.

The artists hailed his record label for the work that they have been doing for him.

“Working with Uncle Rhymez Records has pushed me to  realise even further that success is inevitable to the persistent as you witness  great milestone moves being made with Rhyme Assassin’s #DedicatedToSelfAlbum that features  legends in the craft. That spurs you on into being  limitless,” he said.

Uncle Rhymes Records described 5Nazh as a 360-degree MC who is a utility artist.

“5Nazh is a great rapper. He is a 360-degree MC who can freestyle off the dome, write songs, and all we want is to have his name pout there with the best,” said Rhyme Assassin.

Rhyme Assassin is a United Kingdom-based, record label owner, rapper, and entrepreneur.

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