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Kazingizi: Electrician, model all rolled into one

EVERYONE believes that models are not supposed to be associated with dirty.

This is not so for Masvingo model and winner of Miss Independence Zimbabwe 2021 who is currently Miss Youth Queen Zimbabwe 2022, Rejoice Kazingizi as she decided to go beyond the modelling profession to pursue a career as an auto electrician.

The 24-year-old model studied automotive electronics at Masvingo Polytechnic and is an expert in engine management, ignition, radio, carputers and telematics as well as in-car entertainment systems.

At the moment she does part-time jobs and works from home as she finds it difficult to be in a male dominated industry.

“I do part-time jobs, phone calls and work from home as it is difficult to be in a male dominated industry as we are looked down upon as females,” Kazingizi told Standard Style.

“In my journey of becoming an electrician, I came across pessimistic people trying to pull me down, but to no avail, l really like what l do.”

She, however, is optimistic that she will soon start her own auto-electric company.

“I see myself as a garage owner employing some young women in this trade,” Kazingizi said.

“People associate beauty with weakness and I am a proof of denying that.

“I am here as a young women telling other girls out there that your circumstances does not determine your future success.”

Kazingizi said her director Gayly Mhonderwa groomed her to be the women she is right now.

“ My modelling director Gayly Mhonderwa groomed me to be the women that l am right now even though people in our country do not accept modelling as a safe space for a girl child because of certain stereotypes people believe modelling has,” she said.

“I believe as people we should not box woman into one of beauty, embracing one’s uniqueness is what truly makes beautiful.”

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