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Alfred Tembo

Alfred Tembo

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Chinembiri back in studio

“Chigiyo music has never been this fun,” he said.
By Alfred Tembo Oct. 2, 2022

Xiddo ‘ditches’ local producers

Xiddo’s previous albums includes Kamuitiro Kangu (2017, Ziya Rangu (2018) and Zviri Muropa Rangu (2019).
By Alfred Tembo Oct. 2, 2022

Musonza urges writers to utilise digital spaces

He urges young writers to embrace the revolution and move forth with the wave of changing times
By Alfred Tembo Apr. 16, 2023

Dhewa out to preach unity

He said musicians and every other well meaning developmental practitioners are liable to intelligently employ music in unifying people.
By Alfred Tembo Apr. 30, 2023

Pastor B speaks on value of callaborations

The young cleric believes that young voices should be confident and self driven in making a name for themselves as opposed to depending social likes.
By Alfred Tembo May. 7, 2023

Biting economy forces Kwekwe jazz band into the cold

He said as a professional musician, considering the welfare of the people he would be playing with was much more important than anything else.
By Alfred Tembo May. 14, 2023

Pulse Chigiyo now in Gweru

Chinembiri, who has been away from the music scene for over a decade, burns with the desire to fill the void.
By Alfred Tembo May. 14, 2023

Live N Love fashion brand born out of tenacity

The brand has clients across the globe from countries including the USA, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Norway and Zimbabwe, among others.
By Alfred Tembo May. 14, 2023

Joe Wailer charms South America, EU

Wailer said with the changing tides in the creative industry around the world, he was hoping for a dramatic turnaround in his musical career owing it to his encounter with Christ.
By Alfred Tembo May. 21, 2023

Tendai Garwe diversifies into other genres

Speaking in an interview, Garwe who is based in Cape Town, said the change was necessitated by the musical company’s need to reach out to more people.
By Alfred Tembo May. 21, 2023

Music comes from any way: Mr Shonhai

Speaking in an interview, Mr Shonhai said: “Music comes from any way at any given time hence its value and impact is owed to those that make and publish it.
By Alfred Tembo May. 21, 2023

Zig Zag Band anchors on traditional principles

He explained that flouting the genre’s traditional principles, was distorting the primary effects of the musical genre which is aimed at encouraging dancing and teaching at the same time.
By Alfred Tembo May. 28, 2023

Mudhindo gives in to changing tides

Mudhindo, who is the Orchestra Vazvamburi front man, said he was working on putting together his new album, which is yet to be titled.
By Alfred Tembo May. 28, 2023

Jeys Marabini 'snubs' Harare invite

Marabini said opportunities were showering on his door, but he would rather make the best decision as a way of keeping his private and public life balanced.
By Alfred Tembo Jun. 4, 2023

Gidza Fire calls for inclusive development

Speaking to Standard Style, Gidza Fire said some civic leaders are taking advantage of people in rural communities.
By Alfred Tembo Jun. 4, 2023